Meal and Snack Ideas

When making the transition to vegetarian eating, take simple steps and be sure to explore new foods and recipes - you just might discover a new favorite meal! Here are some easy ideas to get you started:

Breakfast: cereal with almond or soy milk, oatmeal with cinnamon and maple syrup, a fruit smoothie, tofu scramble, toast with peanut butter, soy yogurt with raisins

Lunch: a veggie burger, falafel wrap with hummus, a sandwich with veggie meat deli slices, rice and beans, vegetable chili, a salad, peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Dinner: vegetable stir fry over rice, spaghetti with marinara sauce, vegetable stew, BBQ tofu, a black bean burrito, vegetable lasagna with ground veggie beef

Snacks: fresh fruit. mixed nuts, energy bar, green smoothie, baked pita wedges with hummus, chips with salsa, popcorn

Need a jumpstart in the kitchen? Check out our free easy vegan recipes (also available in Spanish)!

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Tasty Falafel

Buy in bulk

Eating on a Budget

Whether you’re a student, raising a family on a low-income budget, or just trying to make ends meet, choosing to buy vegan foods doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Sure, you can splurge on savory mock meats and dairy-free cheeses that are readily available in grocery stores everywhere, but there are plenty of delicious and nutritious vegan options that don’t require spending a lot of money.

Discover how easy — and affordable — it is to transition to a more compassionate diet! Here are a few cost-saving tips:

  • Explore your community’s Community Supported Agriculture programs and farmer’s markets -- both can be inexpensive options for finding fresh produce.
  • The most expensive foods in grocery stores are often displayed at eye-level. Look at the top and bottom shelves for better bargains.
  • The more meals you can prepare at home, the better. Fast food is not cheap — and it comes at a higher cost to your health. While it might be challenging to cook meals during the work week, preparing items ahead of time on a weekend for the week may help significantly.
  • Buy bulk pasta, rice, dehydrated meals, spices, and beans. These items are usually cheaper than buying them pre-packaged, and you can get as little or as much as you need.
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