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Life can be tough, and sometimes we all need a little retail therapy. And it’s even better when we can do it from the comfort of our computers (maybe in the middle of a workday? We won’t tell). After all, nothing beats coming home to a surprise waiting in our mailbox.

And when it comes to online shopping, Etsy rules supreme. The site is chock full of cute, handcrafted, and often animal-friendly goodies. So if you’re in the market for vegan swag, browse a few of our favorite shops. Trust us, you’ll want to buy everyyyyyything.

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Vegan Power Co.
Los Angeles-based Alicia is known for her retro-inspired pins, patches, and stickers. From candy-heart-shaped pins to a vegan twist on the Stranger Things logo, her designs are adorable and oh-so-edgy. She’ll help you rep vegan tacos, burgers, pizza, and — of course — avocados. piglet necklace from Veg Shop. Compassion Over Killing receives a donation for each purchased.

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Veg Shop
This uber-adorable shop is all about “expressing the joy of being vegan.” Here, you can find super-cute pig pendants (your purchase even supports COK!), v-for-vegan necklaces — and even keychains! It’s everything you need to let people know how much you love living a vegan lifestyle.

Clean Faced Cosmetics
Clean Faced Cosmetics has all your cruelty-free beauty needs covered, with makeup and more containing no animal ingredients and not tested on animals. It stocks everything from tinted moisturizer to mascara to lip balm.

@tamsinmae thank you for sharing with us the lovely photo of your gift @the_dirty_vegans xx? #vegan #vegans #govegan #vegangift #vegangifts #thedirtyvegans

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The Dirty Vegans
Based out of the UK, the Dirty Vegans sell bath bombs, pins, soaps, and other fun stuff. Pick up a “We are not ingredients” button — or a cupcake-shaped bath bomb. It’s the perfect place for gift-giving, too. Because anyone would be stoked to get a whopping box of bath bombs.

When you go vegan, you don't have to give up any of your favourite foods! There's a vegan alternative for every single non-vegan food that exists. You can have vegan pancakes, cheese, fries, burgers, donuts, cakes, hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, tacos, chocolate, and soooo much more. ? Veganism is not restrictive in the slightest! If anything it opens up a world of new flavours, ingredients, and foods that most people have never tried before ?? That's why I drew this #whatveganseat design, to show people that vegans don't miss out on anything. ?????? ? @siwlinda? #veganveins

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Vegan Veins
Looking for vegan gear? Look no further than Vegan Veins. Here, you’ll find t-shirts showing #whatvegans eat, proclaiming love for all things hummus, and more. They also make pins, stickers, and tote bags, so you can be vegan’d out from head to toe.

That green color though ?♻️?

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L.B. Apothecary
Your skin is the body’s largest organ — and it absorbs all kinds of stuff — but don’t worry, it’s easy to keep this essential exterior free from animal products. At L.B. Apothecary, all products are organic, vegan, and non-GMO, and the selection includes the likes of face masks, essential oil roller balls, sugar scrubs, beard oil, and more.

Red Maus
Cow’s skin leather is so five years ago. Vegan leather is en vogue, and Red Maus has gorgeous handbags and backpacks made from this magical material. Score a violet-hued, suede-style backpack or a classic black tote. There’s an option for every outfit.

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