By Compassion Over Killing staff


If you have yet to meet a cow in person, you may not know how smart and social these remarkable animals are!

Like the dogs and cats with whom we share our homes, cows are incredibly playful individuals with unique personalities. Just take a look at the stories of these incredible rescued cows!

Given the opportunity to be themselves, cows are doting mothers, form close friendships, choose who they prefer to spend time with, and even hold grudges!

Here are fascinating facts worth sharing:

  • Cows have been found to “lend a hoof” by babysitting for one another, helping to care for the calves of other cows.
  • Cows form strong, lasting bonds with their calves, and dairy cows have been known to cry out and search for their babies when they are taken away so their milk can be sold for human consumption.
  • Cows communicate with each other using different “moo” sounds and facial expressions.
  • Cows have excellent memories and can remember individual faces.

Sadly, on factory farms, cows are denied the ability to engage in many of their natural behaviors, and are treated as little more than mere meat- and milk- producing machines.

But you can choose compassion for cows today. With so many delicious vegan foods available, It’s easier than ever to say “moo-ve over, meat and dairy!”

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