Rescued Calf and His Human Friend are Inseparable

Stop what you’re doing and get ready to witness an adorable friendship that knows no species: Mike (the cow) and Dan (the human) are an inseparable duo.

Dan McKernan, founder of Chelsea, Michigan’s Barn Sanctuary, met Mike when a local farmer surrendered the eight-week-old calf due to medical issues. Mike was taken in by the sanctuary crew with an array of health problems including bone deformations, two cataracts, and blindness in one eye.

Despite his young age and all the challenges that confronted him, Mike fought for his life with Dan right alongside him. The two quickly became close, and Daniel now calls Mike his best friend.

Mike’s condition improved, and he underwent cataract removal surgery and joint therapy. His new dad even got him splints and helped him learn to walk properly!

In an attempt to salvage some of his vision, Dan took Mike on a road trip to Pasadena, California, for a procedure to attempt to reattach his retina. While the surgery was unsuccessful, being blind hasn’t decreased Mike’s quality of life.

Mike even got to hit the beach while he was in Cali:

Now, Mike is about to have another best friend to join him in the pasture! Dan Jr. the cow is Barn Sanctuary’s newest rescue, from a dairy farm in New Jersey. Soon he’ll be a friend to Mike, as well a helpful set of eyes!

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photos: Barn Sanctuary

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