Daiya Is Making Vegan Cream Cheese Mainstream



Mornings just got tastier, as leading vegan cheese brand Daiya churned out its deliciously dairy-free cream cheese in popular coffee and bagel chains Einstein Bros., Noah’s New York Bagels, and Bruegger’s Bagels!

This delicious shmear is vegan, gluten free, and oh-so-tasty on a hearty bagel.

Daiya and its partners are setting a great example in the vegan breakfast space, while other coffee and food chains begin to trail behind. Though chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ are pouring out non-dairy milk options for their coffee, they offer few options for the most important meal of the day. Starbucks currently offers a couple options including a vegan bagel with avocado spread, and Dunkin’s hash browns are vegan-friendly, but consumers are demanding more.

Then take action and demand that other breakfast spots catch up. Sign Compassion Over Killing’s petition urging Dunkin’ to develop a vegan donut flavor! AND our petition asking Starbucks to brew up hearty vegan menu options.

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Stuart McDonald is a Creative Writer at Compassion Over Killing (COK), a national non-profit animal protection organization based in Washington, DC. She is passionate about making an ethical lifestyle easy and accessible for all and collaborating across social movements to create a kinder world. She writes about everything vegan: from plant-based eating to activism to legislation. Read her work on TryVeg.com and COK.net.

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