Earth-Friendly Recipes to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

earth-friendly recipes

Climate scientists, companies, and citizens alike are concerned over the threat of climate change and emphasizing our need to reduce our impact–and fast. Luckily, there’s a simple recipe for protecting the earth: Pick vegan foods!

In a report feared by the meat industry, the prestigious EAT-Lancet Commission for Food, Planet, and Health made something clear: to mitigate a climate crisis, we have to change the way we eat. That means less animal agriculture and way more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

We have an obligation as individuals to do our part and change our diets, but companies are getting on board too! Companies like Ben & Jerry’s are expanding their vegan product lines, many, like the ice cream makers, with the planet in mind.

Here are a few deliciously earth-friendly recipes. It is entirely possible to keep eating the foods we love without the cruelty towards animals and the warming planet. It’s time to make a change.


Jackfruit Croquettes


One Pot Taco Pasta

From Sweet Simple Vegan


Chorizo, Black Bean, and Potato Wontons


Grilled Reuben Sandwich


Sticky BBQ “Ribs”

From Avant Garde Vegan


Photo: Hot for Food

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Melts

From Hot For Food


Barbecue Seitan Sandwiches


Chickpea “Of the Sea” Salad


Check out other ways to reduce your environmental impact with our guide to Eating Sustainably!

Before you go:

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