4 Must-Try Vegan Versions of Your Favorite Candy

Vegans are not deprived of deliciousness! We get to enjoy sweet snacks too. And like everyone else, we occasionally like to chow down on candy while binge-watching Netflix. So bring on the sugary, the savory, and ALL THE CHOCOLATE. Thanks to some innovative candymakers, plant-based eaters can opt into lots of veganized familiar indulgences these days. Some of the most popular candy bars on … Read More

Vegan Mac and Cheese Everyone Will Love

Mac and cheese is a magical food that appeals to the taste buds of everyone from food critics to two-year-olds. Everyone loves this creamy concoction. And with the awesome vegan options on the market these days, it’s easier than ever before to have your mac and cheese without the cruelty. If you prefer buying a pre-made or boxed vegan mac … Read More

5 Delicious Frozen Vegan Pizzas

If there’s one food item almost every eater can agree on, it just might be pizza. In the words of Henry Rollins, “Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.” And pizza without the the cruelty or the clogged arteries IS possible — and delicious! Lucky for all pizza fans, several totally tasty frozen vegan pizzas have hit store shelves in recent years. So you can … Read More

6 Reasons Dairy-Free Cheese Will Melt Your Heart

For many a vegetarian, the switch to vegan eating may, at first, seem daunting due to an obsession with one particular dairy product: cheese. People can be passionate about their parmesan. Despite its popularity, fatty, high-calorie dairy cheese is both artery-clogging and addictive — literally. According to the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), as cheese digests it actually produces mild opiates … Read More

Vegan Diets for Athletes: The Power of Plants

Despite what you may have learned in school, plants are loaded with power and can fuel you to a supercharged physique! In fact, an increasing number of athletes attribute their success in part to their healthy vegan diet, which they consider the ultimate “performance enhancer.” Just ask UFC Fighter Nate Diaz (seen here), who recently conquered the formerly undefeated Conor McGregor in … Read More

Vegan Cookies: 7 Recipes for the Cookie Monster in You

If there’s one thing every eater, vegan or not, can agree on — it’s cookies. Life just wouldn’t be the same without these circular confections. As luck would have it for everyone (cows and chickens included), vegan cookies are just as delicious as those that use dairy or eggs. These seven recipes will leave you wondering why you ever used animal ingredients to begin with … Read More

4 Plant-Based Cookbooks Kids Will Love

When it comes to food, kids can be tougher than the most seasoned culinary critics. But have no fear, parents! You can help your kids enjoy foods packed with veggies and fruits! Mix in some key ingredients — persistence, creativity, and FUN — and your kids can totally learn to love cooking — and eating — compassionate cuisine. With that in mind, here … Read More

Your Guide to the Best Vegan Easter Basket

Are you looking for compassionate Easter treats? No need to go on an egg(-free) hunt — because we’ve got this in the basket! There are plenty of delicious animal-friendly goodies available that are Easter Bunny-approved! Here’s your guide to the best vegan Easter basket ever, featuring some of our favorite treats: Cream Veggs Made by Premium Chocolatiers, these uber-rich chocolate eggs are … Read More

A Lighter Way to Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, you can show your sweetheart just how much you care by whipping up a delicious — and nutritious — homemade treat! Your loved ones will melt over this surprisingly simple yet delightfully decadent Chocolate Avocado Pudding. This special Valentine’s recipe (below) is from our good friends at Lighter who are always sharing creative ways to make it easy for … Read More

Top 10 Vegan Protein Sources

If there’s one question that follows plant-based eaters like the plague, it’s this: BUT WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN? While that question may earn the ultimate eye-roll from a long-term vegan, it’s understandable why people keep on asking. After all, popular wisdom (and the food pyramid) has long suggested that animal products are the only source of the amino acids we need. That’s … Read More

6 Heat-and-Serve Vegan Super Bowl Snacks

For sports fans, this is a seriously suspenseful week. With the big game just days away, athletes are practicing, odds are being calculated, and fields are being prepped for play. (We’re referring, of course, to the Puppy Bowl. It’s Team Ruff against Team Fluff … who’ll take the lead?! The anticipation is killing us.) Whether you’re tuning in to watch fluffy pups or human players this … Read More

5 Super Bowl Snacks to Impress Your Pre-Vegan Friends

As far as Super Bowl Sunday is concerned, gridiron-inspired get togethers tend to take the whole pigskin tradition a little too seriously (pork rinds are still a thing?!). As a growing number of Americans, including athletes — yes, evenfootball players! — are increasingly ditching meat, Super Bowl spreads are being redefined with “meaty” plant-based foods that are every bit as hearty and … Read More

The Easiest Vegan Shopping List Ever

Navigating the supermarket as a new vegan can be intimidating, to say the least. So many familiar items, taunting you with their animal ingredients! It takes time before you’ll be speed-shopping the produce aisle and reading labels like a ninja. To help make your life a lot easier as you embark on a plant-based path, we’ve put together a simple vegan shopping … Read More

Vegetables = Top Food Trend for 2016!

Move over meat and cheese, veggies are taking center stage plate in 2016. Trend lists by publications, research orgs, and major media outlets are all listing veggies as a top food trend for the new year. Plants are rising in popularity at fast casual eateries, in the kitchens of top tier chefs, on supermarket shelves, and everywhere else food is found. QSR (Quick … Read More

Sink Your Teeth Into These 5 “Meaty” Fruits & Veggies

Have you ever thought that giving up meat means giving up those hearty flavors and textures that you’re used to?  Maybe you’ve heard that old vegetarian stereotype about “rabbit food” and wonder “How am I ever supposed to fill up on lettuce and celery?” (But seriously, does The 300 Pound Vegan look like he shares a diet with a tiny little … Read More