Must-Pack Items for Your Vegan Summer Picnic

By Compassion Over Killing staff
July 14, 2017

From slip and slides to lightning bugs, there are lots of reasons to love summer — but eating al fresco is one of our favorites. Nothing says vacation season like a picnic; let’s face it: everything tastes better when it’s – Read more »

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5 Super-Easy Ways for Pre-Vegans to Start Making the Transition

By Compassion Over Killing staff
July 12, 2017

If you’re into the idea of eating more plants and fewer animals — but don’t know where to start — rest easy; we’re here to help. Transitioning to a veg-strong diet is easier, more fun, and more delicious, than you – Read more »

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How Compassionate Students Rescued Buddy the Sheep

By Compassion Over Killing staff
June 26, 2017

For children, compassion is innate. They see animals as friends not food, and understand that animals are worthy of love and respect. And thanks to the compassion of some very special children, Buddy the sheep was saved from senseless slaughter and – Read more »


Kip Andersen on ‘What the Health:’ It’s ‘So Liberating to Free Yourself from this Horrific Industry’

By Compassion Over Killing staff
June 22, 2017

In 2014, Cowspiracy showed the world how animal agriculture is destroying the planet. Now, What the Health is here to reveal how the very same industry is sabotaging human health and killing millions of Americans every year. The powerful new documentary (now – Read more »


Netflix Documentaries to Add to Your Watch List

By Compassion Over Killing staff
June 8, 2017

Have some time? Netflix awaits. And if you’re looking to get a little education along with your binge watching, there are a ton of quality, availlable-for-streaming-now documentaries about plant-based eating or about animals. To get you in an advocacy state – Read more »