Vegan Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

Ask someone what prompted them to go vegan, and there’s a good chance they’ll say they were captivated and exposed to the truth by one of many vegan documentaries. There are few better ways to steel your resolve to make a change than impactful stories, moving footage, and information on Whether you’re looking for a little motivation or hoping to share the vegan message with your friends and family, a documentary or film is a great way to and why.

There are few better ways to steel your resolve to make a change than impactful stories, moving footage, and information on how and why.

Netflix is always changing its lineup, so it’s hard to know what you can watch and where! So we took the liberty of finding out which vegan documentaries are on Netflix right now.

Grab some (vegan) popcorn, settle in on the couch, and stream one of these tonight:


The secret has been out for a while now: animal agriculture is a huge part of the impending climate crisis. Filmmakers Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn expose the truth about the major environmental orgs — and why they’re staying silent about the incredibly devastating effects of animal agriculture.


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Okay, you got us–this isn’t a documentary. It does, however, have a strong, accessible vegan message. The popular film, directed by Bong Joon-ho and starring Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal, depicts the relationship between a girl and her best friend, a “super pig” named Okja. This adorable tear-jerker will get you thinking about the arbitrary line we draw between companion animals and animals farmed for food.

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There are billions of dollars to be made from illness. “We sometimes joke that when you’re doing a clinical trial, there are two possible disasters,” Alex Hittle, a stock analyst, told the New York Times. “The first disaster is if you kill people. The second disaster is if you cure them. “The truly good drugs,” Hittle said, “are the ones you can use chronically for a long, long time.” “Conventional medical treatment dictates that you must take drugs for conditions of dietary excess like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or autoimmune diseases. Not just for a week, a month, or a year. You are told you have to take drugs forever. If you follow your doctor’s advice, you will never get well. Because drugs do not address the underlying cause of disease.” – Dr. Alan Goldhamer #wthfilm #disease #illness #pharmaceuticals #health #goplantbased

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What the Health

The creators of Cowspiracy teamed up again–but this time they’re not exploring the environmental effects of animal agriculture, but the effects the standard, meat-laden diet has on Americans’ health. Furthermore, the film questions Big Pharma and just what the healthcare industry has to gain from keeping us sick.

Forks Over Knives

If you need some healthy eating inspo, this flick is for you. It presents hard-hitting facts about America’s leading killers — heart disease, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes — and how food is the cause and the cure. Notable doctor Caldwell Esselstyn and researcher T. Colin Campbell are the stars of this film, along with a few folks who turn their health around on a whole-foods, plant-based diet.


This moving documentary addresses the treatment of Orcas held in captivity at SeaWorld–specifically the whale Tilikum who spent most of his life in an unsuitable tank after being captured from the ocean. This heart-wrenching film sparked outrage in many animal lovers, prompting huge boycotts of SeaWorld, creating a wave of change for orcas, and bringing to the surface a dialogue about animals wrongfully used for entertainment.

Live and Let Live

This film explores the many different inspirations for choosing to go vegan. Filmmaker Marc Pierschel interviews six different people who went vegan for various reasons, including a butcher who turned into a vegan chef; an animal farmer who started a farm animal sanctuary; and a professional athlete who transformed the way he eats and trains.

And this is just what’s on Netflix right now! For more flicks, check out The Invisible Vegan, Earthlings, Food Inc.The Ghosts in Our Machine, or Dominion.

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