VIDEO: 3 Easy Vegan Cake Hacks

In a new video, Compassion Over Killing’s Vegan Food & Lifestyle Coach Jessica Carter whips up delicious vegan cakes with easy-to-find Duncan Hines cake mixes. You can too!

It’s pretty easy these days to swap out animal-based foods for a more compassionate vegan option–just switch out your favorite ingredient for its plant-based counterpart!

If you balk at baking or wonder how you can  make a decadent dessert without eggs and milk — don’t fret; it’s easier than ever!

And the final product will be just as moist, delicious, and rich–but without the cruelty.

The best news? Going vegan doesn’t mean you have to start baking from scratch. Many affordable baking mixes at your local grocery store are “accidentally vegan,” meaning that just by swapping out the cow’s milk for your favorite plant milk and the eggs for a simple vegan egg replacement (COK is urging companies to add suggestions to packaging!), you can make a delicious vegan dessert.

See why vegan baking is a piece of cake! By adding just a couple extra ingredients to Duncan Hines mixes, Jessica was able to whip up some flavors you’d never know came from a box, including pumpkin spice cake, chocolate coconut dream cake, and strawberry lemonade cake.

Give one (or all!?) of these recipes a try, and let us know how it went in the comments, on twitter, or tag @compassion_over_killing on Instagram!

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Before you go:

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