Pumpkin Spice Crisp Rice Treats: the Ultimate Fall Dessert

Fall’s officially here, and obsession with all things pumpkin is in full swing. If you saw our list of 5 amazing vegan pumpkin products, you’re aware that Dandies — purveyor of fabulous vegan marshmallows — makes a seasonal pumpkin spice ‘mallow. When used to make a vegan version of the iconic crispy rice treat, the end result is pure pumpkin-palooza! Here’s a recipe … Read More

These Vegan Cheeses Will Make You Forget Why You Ever Ate Dairy

Cheese. You may hear veg-curious eaters saying it’s their last step to go in their journey to a vegan diet. But this is 2016 — we promise, it’s the era of life-changing vegan cheese! We’re not talking rubbery, tasteless substitutes; this is cheese that tastes like the real thing. And sliced cheese, in particular, is a niche that’s seen some major improvements … Read More

5 Vegan Sandwiches That’ll Make You Swear Off Meat Forever

Who doesn’t love a sandwich?! Hoagie, sub, footlong, hero, grinder — these handheld foods have many monikers. But whatever they’re called in your part of the world, they’re undeniably delicious and convenient. A sandwich doesn’t need to be piled high with animal products to be filling and tasty. There are plenty of cruelty-free foodstuffs that are great between two pieces of bread. … Read More

5 Vegan Pumpkin Treats That’ll Get You in the Mood for Fall

You can call this time of the year fall, autumn, or harvest time, but let’s be honest with ourselves — it’s really pumpkin season. That plump orange fruit reigns supreme from now through December. And best of all — it’s vegan! There are plenty of cruelty-free ways to satisfy your craving for all things spicy, sweet, and seasonal. Peets’ Pumpkin Latte … Read More

6 Melt-In-Your-Mouth Vegan Cookies

There’s a reason the cookie monster’s message has stayed relatable to kids from the 1960’s through now — cookies are delicious. But the idea that they need to be made with dairy and eggs is totally old school. Today’s best cookies are made with plant-based ingredients, and they’re just as mouthwatering as their non-vegan cookie counterparts. So, here are six … Read More

10 Vegan Snack Ideas for Back to School

The long, lazy days of summer are on their way out and it’s time to go back to school. Kids may or may not be excited about their annual return to reading, writing, and arithmetic — but at least you can brighten up their desk-bound days with some cruelty-free bites. Plus, with treat temptations everywhere, it’s a good idea to … Read More

Time to Make the Vegan Donuts: 6 Awesome Recipes

vegan donuts

We recently highlighted four of America’s most awesome vegan-friendly donut shops! Will chains like Dunkin’ Donuts soon start serving cruelty-free donuts too? Compassion Over Killing campaigns have led Dunkin’ as well as Starbucks to keep expanding their dairy-free milk options – and COK is working on vegan donuts too: Join us in asking Dunkin’ to offer vegan donut options! In the meantime, on those days when you’re craving a doughy … Read More

Three Delicious Chicken-Free Recipes

Some may think of fried chicken as a crunchy, flavorful, American picnic tradition. But the experience is a lot less enjoyable for the chickens themselves. The truth is, this popular food is the product of unimaginable cruelty. A recent Compassion Over Kiling investigation found horrific abuse happening at Tyson contract chicken breeding farms; Tyson is a major supplier to KFC, McDonald’s, and other big chicken-selling chains. So, if … Read More

Vegan Milkshakes 101

Milkshakes are a quintessential summer food. They’re sweet, creamy, and all kinds of cool on those sweltering August days. If ice cream shops near you aren’t offering vegan milkshakes just yet, don’t worry! It’s easy to make and indulge in this delicious dessert at home! Whipping up an amazing vegan milkshake is super easy — it’s all about having a good blender and the right … Read More

4 Vegan-Friendly Donut Shops That Will Blow Your Mind

You gotta love donuts. These delightfully doughy, fried treats are the perfect indulgence sometimes. Just ask Homer Simpson; in his immortal words: “Donuts — is there anything they can’t do?” If you’re into those spheres of scrumptiousness — but would rather opt out of the animal products — this is a good time to be alive. Dunkin’ doesn’t yet offer vegan … Read More

4 Amazing New Non-Dairy Ice Cream Options

I scream, you scream, we all scream with joy for non-dairy ice cream. And so do cows! Because without the dairy, it’s a win for animals and humans alike. This year has seen some awesome additions when it comes to cow-approved ice cream treats; lots of companies are catching on to the demand for delicious almond, coconut, cashew, and other non-dairy options. … Read More

8 Vegan Starbucks Drinks for Sweltering Summer Days

Summer is in full swing, and it’s sweltering out right about now. The heat index is hitting triple digits, air conditioners are cranking, and everyone’s looking for ways to cool off. Did you know you can find vegan choices at Starbucks? There’s one on every corner, and the popular chain has a ton of options for your cruelty-free chill sessions. To guide … Read More

6 Recipes for Your Vegan Fourth of July Party

Happy Fourth of July! Just in time for your weekend-before-the-4th grocery shopping, we’ve got your guide to an All-American cruelty-free cookout party! Celebrate Independence Day with these six animal-free recipes that let all animals be free. Cauliflower Buffalo Bites Buffalo wings are a cookout favorite, and there are plenty of vegan alternatives to try if you think cruelty just won’t fly. … Read More

7 Summer Salads Everyone Will Love

With summer comes sweltering temps and high humidity — hardly the weather for soup or casserole. Instead, the season of swimming pools and slip ‘n slides inspires lighter, less rib-sticking food. Salads, for example. And while the myth that vegans eat nothing but salad is totally false (have you tried our mac and cheeses?) — everyone loves a fresh, crisp bowlful of garden-grown … Read More

5 Recipes for Your Summer Vegan Picnic

Nothing says summer like eating outdoors. Basking on a blanket in the midday sun beats sitting inside any day. And with International Picnic Day approaching this weekend, now’s the perfect time to pack a basket and pop a squat in a picturesque park. That’s the stuff summer memories are made of. The main attraction at any picnic, of course, is the food, so … Read More