Choose Vegan Foods

Everyone can help stop the cruelty Compassion Over Killing uncovered at Amick Farms’ high-speed slaughter facility. Each time you sit down to a vegan meal, you are standing up for birds and all animals. There are already so many incredible plant-based chicken alternatives available on the market and here are just a few:

vegan chicken

What Else Can You Do?

To be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card, FREE TryVeg chicken-free recipes, AND money-saving coupons from vegan/plant-based retailers, please complete the following steps:

1. Take the meat-free pledge below!
2. Sign our petition asking the USDA to put a halt on high-speed slaughter
3. Share a photo of your plant-based meal with us on social media using hashtag #ChickenFree or email it to us at

One winner chosen on December 31 ( from all entries. Valid email required to enter.


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