New Study Reveals Fish Can Multitask. Yes, Multitask.

Fish are incredible animals. Sure, they may look and act differently than our cats and dogs at home, but new research continues to reveal that fish are complex, intelligent animals. We’ve already confirmed that these sea creatures are fully capable of feeling pain. And we know they use tools. But who would have guessed these animals can multitask, too?

According to a new paper to be published in the prestigious journal Animal Cognition, “fish perception and cognitive abilities often match or exceed other vertebrates.” Dr. Culum Brown, the paper’s author, reviewed the recent scientific literature and discovered that fish can “perform multiple tasks simultaneously,” and use methods to keep track of quantities, skills thought to only be possessed by humans. He also found that they can also use landmarks to remember where an object is, and work with other fish to achieve a goal where both are needed.

According to Dr. Brown, fish also have excellent memories, demonstrate cooperation and reconciliation, and even have cultural traditions. In addition to this cognitive intelligence, the primary senses of fish are “just as good,” and in some cases better, than humans.

Yet sadly, fish are often the forgotten victims on our plate.

Brown believes – and we agree – that given this sentience, fish welfare should be recognized like other animals: “The extensive evidence of fish behavioral and cognitive sophistication and pain perception suggests that best practice would be to lend fish the same level of protection as any other vertebrate…We should therefore include fish in our ‘moral circle’ and afford them the protection they deserve.”   

Each of us can start protecting fish right now, simply by choosing to leave them off our plates and instead opting for delicious, plant-based products such as:

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