Protein? No problem! 💪🏼

See how vegan athletes are thriving in their sport.

Steph Davis

One of the world's leading climbers, Steph Davis, shares her story on how changing the way she eats has led to enhanced performance when climbing, BASE jumping and wingsuit flying. “I love doing this stuff…and I really want to do it for the rest of my life. That has really directed a lot of my choices.

Vegan Bodybuilding Duo

Robert Cheeke and Vanessa Espinoza are workout buddies, business partners co-authors of the book "Plant-Based Muscle."

Vanessa is an elite powerlifter, a 3X Colorado Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and an All-American basketball player. At age 35, at the US Powerlifting Association, she won “Best Female Lifter,” even though she was one of the lightest weight powerlifters in the competition (just 132lbs).

Robert is a vegan bodybuilding pioneer, bodybuilding champion and a bestselling author who just release his latest book, "The Plant-Based Athlete."

Torre Washington

Vegan since 1998, bodybuilder Torre Washington is a 7-time winning bodybuilding champion and IFBB Pro, thriving on a vegan diet, consisting primarily of plant-based whole foods. He is also a coach and a personal trainer of a certain Marvel Avenger named Thor (Torre trained Chris Hemsworth for the film Avengers 4: End Game).

Marcus Daniell

New Zealand professional tennis player, Marcus Daniell, shares his story about why he stopped eating meat. Then in Jan 2018 he reached his career-high ATP doubles ranking of world No. 34 after reaching the quarterfinals of the Australian Open. He later went on to win the bronze medal in the men's doubles at the 2020 Summer Olympics, alongside Michael Venus.

Marcus is also a philanthropist who founded an effective giving organization called "High Impact Athletes" and in 2021 was awarded the prestigious Arthur Ashe Humanitarian award.


Patrik Baboumian

Patrik, one of the world’s strongest men, shares his story, including how his love of all animals moved him to become built by a healthy plant-based diet. This short film was an official selection for the 2018 Animal Film Festival and the 2018 Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival.

Leilani Münter

Leilani is a professional race car driver and environmental activist who drives a 100% solar-powered Tesla. She drives in the ARCA Racing Series, and previously drove in the Firestone Indy Lights, the development league of IndyCar. Sports Illustrated has named her one of the top ten female race car drivers in the world. And…she’s 100% fueled by plants! Animal Outlook (formerly Compassion Over Killing) is proud to join A Well-Fed World as a sponsor of Leilani’s Vegan Strong car, racing in some of the most prestigious races for millions of fans to see.

    rich roll“The protein craze isn’t just an unwarranted, over-hyped red herring, it’s harmful. Not only is there evidence that excess protein intake is often stored in fat cells, it contributes to the onset of a variety of diseases, such as osteoporosis, cancer, impaired kidney function, and heart disease.

    Still not convinced? Consider this: some of the fiercest animals in the world — the elephant, rhino, hippo and gorilla — are Plantpowered herbivores. And nobody asks them where they get their protein. So ditch that steak and join me for a bowl of quinoa and lentils.”

    Rich Roll

    Rich Roll

    Ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll, shares the inspiring story of how a whole-foods, plant-based diet completely transformed his life. He’s been named one of the “25 fittest men in the world” (Men’s Fitness Magazine). Rich is also a wellness advocate, bestselling author and host of the Rich Roll Podcast, one of the most revered and downloaded podcasts on the internet.