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Thanks for your interest in vegetarian eating! Our 24-page Vegetarian Starter Guide is a FREE resource for discovering the whys and hows of choosing meat-, egg-, and dairy-free foods! You’ll find nutritional information, facts about farmed animals, and details about the environmental impact of our dietary choices along with tons of quick and easy recipes, meal ideas, tips and more.

To get your free Vegetarian Starter Guide, please fill out the form below. Looking to get these in bulk? Please see our marketplace page for more details.

Note: Print orders are processed within 2 weeks of placement and may only be requested for U.S. Addresses.

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  1. Hello. I’m a science internet research assistant doing invasive and extensive sweeps about Vegan Meat and in ways on how Vegan Meat can taste better than the real deal. I really don’t see yet the beauty and thrill of eating pure plant-based menus, since such cuisine is always a bit on the bland side for me.

    Can I ask for even just a PDF or Text version of your Vegetarian Starter Guide for this massive project I’m doing for my employer? It would be such a big help for us.

    Thank you kindly for considering my request.

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