Vegan Family Podcast: Rachel Pawelski

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Animal Outlook’s manager of corporate engagement Rachel Pawelski discusses how her team works with large corporations such as Dunkin’, McDonald’s and Starbucks to urge them to add plant-based offerings to their menus and make vegan eating more accessible to everyone.

Five Myths About Dairy–Busted

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From just about birth, most of us are told that we have to drink our milk to grow big and strong. In children’s books we see happy cows being milked in big red barns by caring, overall-clad farmers. But what if we’ve been lied to this whole time?  If you’re ready to open your eyes and learn the uncomfortable truth … Read More

Feeling Fish


While fish may be unable to vocalize their pain in ways that humans can recognize, the scientific consensus is clear: fish feel pain, much like we do. They’re smart, have good memories, form complex social relationships, and some even use tools. Sadly, overfishing is putting many species on the verge of extinction. The number of aquatic animals killed for human … Read More