5 Vegan Chains Any Eater Will Love

By Compassion Over Killing staff
March 23, 2017

Hamburgers, milkshakes, tacos, chicken chow mein, California rolls — these are the kinds of fast-casual dishes Americans have long been obsessed with. But going vegan doesn’t mean giving up these familiar favorites. It’s a new era for vegan food, and fast-casual – Read more »

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Quotes from Vegan Celebs That’ll Inspire You to Stop Eating Animals

By Compassion Over Killing staff
March 13, 2017

Need a little vegan inspiration? You’ll be in some amazing company if you choose plants for your plate. Not only are major health organizations like Kaiser Permanente and the American Dietetic Association lauding the benefits of eating plants — but – Read more »


10 Vegan Products You Never Knew Existed

By Compassion Over Killing staff
March 1, 2017

If people say vegan eating means giving up all the things you love — sounds like they just haven’t tried it yet! It’s 2017, and there are plant-based substitutes for nearly every food imaginable. No need to abandon your favorite foods; you – Read more »


Road Trip! Try These 6 Vegan Bakeries

By Compassion Over Killing staff
February 23, 2017

Now that the snow and ice are on their way out, it’s the perfect time for a road trip! Grab a buddy, stock up on snacks, and fill up your ride (or charge it). And if you need some outing – Read more »


6 Vegan Versions of Your Favorite Fast Foods

By Compassion Over Killing staff
February 16, 2017

Vegan food isn’t all salads, hummus and tofu. Most vegans love junk food as much as the next person (french fries, anyone?!). And fast food is the perfect example; who doesn’t crave that drive-through deliciousness every once in awhile? Fast – Read more »